How to identify if a company values diversity and inclusion

Immigrants contribute to Canada in many different ways, including bringing diversity to the workplace.

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June 16, 2022

Companies often say they value diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity for all, but fail to put the programs in place to make their commitment meaningful. As a skilled immigrant eager to work in a diverse and inclusive company, there are a few things you can do to ensure a company will meet your needs.

6 ways to tell a company cares about diversity and inclusion

You can tell a lot about a company by reviewing its website and social media channels. Before you apply for a job, take a look online to find clues that signal the company values diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

1. Study their diversity statement

Start by searching for the company’s diversity statement. This is a public declaration of a company’s commitment to DEI. It’s usually intended for employees and customers, and can be found on the corporate pages of a company’s website, job postings and communications materials. Be on the lookout for tangible ways the company is living up to its promise. They should be able to share successes and statistics, as well as their goals and the steps they’re taking to achieve them.

2. Look at the language they use

Look for inclusive language. Companies committed to DEI will make intentional and meaningful language choices to ensure people feel included. The language on their website and social media channels shouldn’t include words that denote bias or any discriminatory expressions related to race, religion, gender, class, sex or ability. Watch for keywords that are meaningful to you.

3. Pay attention to photos

What do you see when you look at photos on their website and social media channels? Rather than splashing stock photos of different cultural groups online, diverse companies will use real photos that represent their workforce. Too many stock photos might be a sign that the company is not very diverse, but that shouldn’t be enough to stop your search.

4. Consider who is in the c-suite

Get to know the people on the executive leadership team and board of directors. These folks make company decisions, set corporate policies and serve as role models for their employees. Review their profiles online or on LinkedIn to learn more about them and their values. Remember, diversity is not always visible. So pay attention to the causes they care about too.

5. Ask the tough questions

Once you’ve passed the application process, prepare a few questions about diversity and inclusion to ask during your interview.

Some sample questions include:

  • How does your company promote diversity and inclusion?
  • How does your company handle employee complaints about diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • What type of people get promoted at your company?
  • What resources does your company provide to support Muslim employees?

6. Celebrate your contributions

Remember, your thoughts, beliefs and experiences as a skilled immigrant bring value to a company. So, be yourself in the interview. Wear clothing such as turbans or headscarves if it’s an important part of your identity. Your differences are what make you unique, and they give you a valuable perspective other employees might not have. If a company can’t see your diversity as an asset, then it might not be the one for you.

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