Partner with Windmill to help newcomers cover education costs

At Windmill Microlending, we're passionate about empowering learners to reach their full potential. By partnering with us, you open doors to education for a diverse range of students. Our tailored financial solutions help learners cover tuition fees and other essential costs to make education accessible to all.

How learning institutions can benefit with a Windmill partnership

Our loan can cover both education and living costs for your part/full-time students.

You can increase student enrollment by providing flexible financial support options.

Windmill’s loan program is complementary to other student financial aid programs.

Featured Partner Outcomes

What our partners say

"Partnering with Windmill Microlending has been transformative for students looking to enroll in our Cybersecurity Training Programs. Their commitment to empowering individuals through accessible financial support is unparalleled. Windmill doesn't just lend money; they provide wrap-around support and help immigrants turn their aspirations into reality. We enjoy working with them and fostering financial inclusion for Canada’s immigrants and refugees.”

Toronto Metropolitan University

Over the past 4 years, Lighthouse Labs has worked closely and collaboratively with Windmill Microlending. We can attest to Windmill’s expertise and commitment to supporting internationally trained professionals as they integrate into the Ontario labour market and settle into their communities. As an organization that has helped accelerate the labour market transitions of 4,000+ newcomers through financial support and tailored wrap-around services, Windmill is highly aware of the need for effective programs to improve skills development and employment outcomes for skilled immigrants. Windmill's approach to achieving this is noteworthy for its unique, innovative, and community-focused solution to the underemployment and unemployment of immigrants.

Lighthouse Labs

For some, the cost of continuing education will always be an issue. As a result, we’ve been delighted to work with our partners at Windmill Microlending, which has provided low-interest loans to deserving Humber learners for over 5 Years. Windmill’s support for their clients also goes beyond simply the transfer of funds. They genuinely care about ensuring the successful journey of each of their loan recipients. For that reason more than any other, I am proud to call them a partner of Continuous Professional Learning at Humber.

Humber College

We believe deeply in the ability to offer our programs to all under-represented groups and we are thankful to Windmill’s leadership team for their vision and commitment to invest in this unique opportunity,” said Firas Abu Saleh, PrepDoctors Co-Founder and CEO. “We look forward to this partnership to continue to help our students achieve their career success in Canada.

Prep Doctors