Partner with Windmill to help immigrants integrate into their Canadian life

As a settlement agency, when you partner with Windmill Microlending, you are strengthening your efforts to make a difference in the lives of newcomers. Join us in helping your clients seamlessly integrate into a new country and achieve their career goals in Canada.

How settlement agencies can benefit with a Windmill partnership

Empower newcomers

Provide vital financial assistance to fuel their journey towards integration.

Appreciating individual clients

Financial aid to clients without Canadian credit history, contributing to the inclusivity of services.

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Stay true to your mission

Elevate your organization's mission by collaborating with Windmill Microlending, a non-profit charity that offers affordable loans tailored to immigrants and refugees.

Hear from our partners

Windmill Microlending stands as a valuable partner within the newcomer employment support network. JVS Toronto is committed to empowering newcomers with the tools and resources needed to successfully integrate into the Canadian workforce, and Windmill Microlending has been a great ally in achieving this mission.Windmill's financial assistance programs have made a significant impact on the lives of many newcomer clients. Many of these individuals arrive in Canada with impressive qualifications but face financial barriers in obtaining the necessary certifications to work in their fields. Windmill's microloans provide the financial means to bridge this gap, enabling clients to pursue their professional dreams.

JVS Toronto

As an agency that has supported newcomers to Calgary for over 40 years, Immigrant Services Calgary is aware of the challenges internationally educated professionals face in pursuing their careers in Canada. This is why we are proud to partner with Windmill Microlending, which provides newcomers with financial support and other services to advance their careers—and in turn make their Canadian dream come true.

Immigrant Services Calgary