Monthly Giving

Every donation creates a compounding impact. Support Windmill’s mission by giving monthly.

Monthly giving is simple and hassle-free at Windmill. Once you set up your donation, it is set up automatically, making it a convenient way to contribute.

Benefits of monthly giving

Long-term impact

Your monthly contribution is vital for sustaining Windmill’s ongoing support to our clients, providing a steady and dependable source of funding.

Amplified through accumulation  

Any contribution, no matter how modest, grows over time with monthly giving, amplifying the impact you’re creating.

Tax benefits

Monthly donations to Windmill are tax-deductible. Claim your contributions as deductions when filing your annual taxes.

Flexible giving

Easily set up and adjust your monthly gift at any time to fit your financial situation. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Together, we make a bigger difference

Your regular contributions, when joined with those of fellow supporters, hold the potential to create a significant impact.
Seize the opportunity today to actively participate.

Hear from our donors

When I arrived in Canada, I had nearly a decade of management experience. I quickly learned that it meant very little in Canada. I felt lost and helpless as the future I dreamed of was slipping away. Windmill changed everything for me. The loan enabled me to pursue a CPA designation and shortly after, I landed a job at TD Bank. Now I donate to Windmill. My desire to give back is inspired by the resilience of newcomers to Canada and their perseverance to succeed.

Abhisek Chatterjee

Ex Windmill Client turned Donor

My parents moved to Canada when I was a teenager. When they arrived, their work experience and credentials were not recognized and it was a struggle for them to survive while raising a family. Had my parents known about Windmill, they would have benefited greatly. Now I am a monthly donor to Windmill to support Windmill’s mission and to ensure that more immigrants can access this essential support. I also grew up in a family that values generosity, and that’s why I donate my money and time.

Oumar Dicko

Windmill is a remarkably productive non-profit model. Loans, created by donations, get recycled between beneficiaries every four years and donations of loan capital are working 100% of the time, for 100% of the value.

Helen McLean

Donner Canadian Foundation