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When you choose to work at Windmill Microlending, you are choosing to make a difference in the lives of thousands of newcomers. Be part of a diverse team at a leading Canadian not-for-profit organization.

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"Working at Windmill is not just doing any job. It's like being in a community where immigrants like me aren't just welcomed; we're celebrated. Here, every story is a success story, and every journey is a testament to the strength found in diversity. It feels so good to be a part of this life-changing process!"


Marketing Automation and Analytics Specialist

"I love working at Windmill because of the strength and expertise of our CEO and Leadership Team, the diverse group of colleagues that I work with, our generous donors and investors, and our clients who inspire me on a daily basis. I believe strongly in our mission to empower newcomers to create their best lives in Canada, and I am grateful to have a role where I can use my skills to contribute to that mission."


Associate Director, Philanthropy and Investor Relations

"This is my 11th year working here and my excitement for work still remains the same. I feel proud to be part of this organization where everyone cares for you and inspires you. Whether that be your colleague, manager, a leadership team, or client who wants to pay you back. Most importantly, we can help others especially in this Pandemic situation which makes these comments feel that much more inspiring to receive."


Loan Manager

"Working at Windmill is such a rewarding experience. I enjoy the numerous opportunities for professional growth and development. I’m constantly encouraged to broaden my knowledge and skills, enabling me to evolve and excel in my career. I am also grateful for our organization's inclusive and embracing culture. Being part of a team that respects and values individuals from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences is truly heartwarming."


Website Marketing and Communications Specialist

"At Windmill, we believe that newcomers' economic integration is key to building an inclusive and prosperous Canada. By working in close partnership with governments across the country, we can make Canada one of the most attractive destinations for global talents, reduce labour shortages and convert the potential of newcomers into prosperity not only for themselves and their families but for all Canadians."


National Director, Stakeholder Relations & Quebec

"I love connecting with new partners and I enjoy hearing their personal stories as well. I like seeing new and productive relationships emerging at partnership meetings and info sessions. It is like puzzle pieces coming together. Immigrants and refugees succeed in their ideal careers in Canada with the support of learning institutions, settlement agencies and windmill blends so organically among all of it."


Partnership Specialist

"Working at Windmill Microlending as a fundraiser is such an extraordinary opportunity for me. It has given me a chance to combine my passion for philanthropy with my personal experience as a new immigrant to Canada. Every day, I get to take action that positively contributes to the lives of fellow newcomers, helping them build a better future through accessible financial support. At Windmill Microlending, I am not just an employee; I am a proud advocate, dedicated to creating pathways of prosperity for immigrants like myself."


Senior Development Officer

"As a coach, our goal is to empower our clients & help them navigate the challenges that come along the way. It is truly incredible to see how clients respond to this support. So many of them have sincere gratitude for our support and even take pride in sharing their progress and milestones with us along the way."


Client Success Coach | Toronto

"As a Compliance Analyst at Windmill Microlending and new Canadian, I enjoy contributing to the economic success of newcomers in Canada. By ensuring regulatory compliance and risk prevention measures, I help to protect our clients and our organization. When immigrants thrive and achieve their goals, it transforms their lives and also strengthens Canada as a whole. I am so proud to be part of an incredible organization that empowers immigrants and refugees!"


Compliance Analyst | Saskatoon

"I enjoy working with immigrants and refugees who are extremely passionate and motivated to establish themselves and accomplish their goals in Canada. I admire our clients for the adversity and barriers that they must overcome to get to where they want to be professionally. I love being part of an organization that offers practical resources to help them overcome some of these barriers to accomplish their goals."


Partnership Development Lead | Quebec

"When I first joined Windmill Microlending as Client Relationship Specialist, it was just another job that I felt privileged to contribute towards. However, being a part of the Windmill family and working alongside an amazing team, I get to hear from clients about the transformative impact of our microloans on their lives. This has changed my perspective from working at Windmill being just a job; it's a rewarding journey of making a positive difference"


Client Relationship Specialist | Calgary

Work hard, change lives, have fun

At Windmill, we believe the work of empowering and inspiring our clients
requires an environment that does the same for our staff. An enjoyable workplace is essential for success. Join us to be part of a dynamic community where your career is not only valuable to others but also fun and personally fulfilling.

We take pride in our high employee engagement scores, which measure the satisfaction, pride, and enjoyment our team experiences at work. These scores average 90% on our anonymous annual employee survey.

We live our values

We seek individuals who share our commitment to Windmill's mission, possess the right skills and values and are passionate about being part of a diverse workforce. And part of our family!

Our approach to career progression is based on performance and suitability for a role. Being part of the Windmill family comes with equal opportunities for learning, growth, contribution and advancement.

Our people reflect
our commitment

Our board, leadership team and staff represent a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, countries of origin, skill sets, genders and ages. This level of diversity fosters a vibrant and inclusive work environment.

Learn more about our One Heart Community, part of our
Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality Initiative

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Bilingual Marketing and Communications Specialist

Toronto or Calgary office

Associate Director, Development

Vancouver, BC or Calgary, AB

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