Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion

Organizational culture evolves and improves with the people who live it.

We come from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences and bring our unique identities into work. However, we unite under the shared passion for Windmill's purpose, mission, and values. Together, we celebrate our differences and channel them toward serving our clients with unwavering dedication and with one heart.

How we got here

It started with a question:

How should we bring together our diverse cultures and work experiences into our workplace culture at Windmill?

Many organizations around the world have hierarchical, top-down cultures, where there is little or no room for different opinions and employee input. Here at Windmill, we want your feedback, your ideas, and your insights.

Our vision as an organization is to empower skilled immigrants by integrating them equitably into the workforce, contributing their expertise to Canada’s economic and social success. We want the same for everyone who works here.

That initial question was quickly embedded in our organization-wide Cultural Intelligence Baseline Project, which defines who we are and how we will live our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. One Heart Community is the direct result of your input and insights.

We are a learning organization

We value the expertise and experience you bring and we will help you continue to facilitate, gain and share knowledge.

We are an employer of choice

We hire and advance the right people for the role and for our organization and we are committed to advancing diversity at all levels of the organization. This means we recruit people with the qualifications we need and who are committed to our mission: to empower skilled immigrants to achieve economic prosperity by providing loans and support. We promote people based on their performance and appropriateness for a role. Everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, advance and achieve.

We are transparent

We are open, honest, and straightforward.

We are one heart

We embrace and empower all diversity and recognize our individual differences.
We understand that each of us is unique and that this is our strength as an organization.