Partner with Windmill to boost newcomer success in your sector

As a professional association or regulatory body, when you partner with Windmill Microlending, you are expanding the resources you can offer your members. Windmill Microlending is committed to helping your members achieve their career goals in Canada. Join forces with us for a stronger Canada.

How associations can benefit with a Windmill partnership


Help your members overcome barriers by providing loans that cover assessment fees and exams required for professional certifications.

Amplify membership benefits

Diversify membership with more internationally trained individuals working in Canada’s regulated professions.

Boost sector entry

Supporting new Canadians to enter their chosen sectors.

Hear from our partners

AIMGA is incredibly grateful for Windmill Microlending's unwavering commitment to supporting international medical graduates. Their tailored loan services have played a vital role in helping our members overcome financial barriers and pursue their dreams of practicing medicine in Canada.