Six tips to continuously improve in your Canadian career

The career potential for skilled newcomers has never been greater, but Medina Puskar, Manager, Career Services at Manitoba Start, says new Canadians must still give serious consideration to investing in their knowledge and abilities.

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September 1, 2022

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In summary:

  • There are unprecedented career opportunities for skilled immigrants and refugees in Canada.
  • Focusing on continuous learning and improvement can help you advance in your career or transition to a new career path.
  • Strengthen your practice of curiosity and explore what education, training and career development opportunities are available to you.

The Canadian job market is at a historic point. While unemployment is at an all-time low there is a record number of job vacancies. Approximately, 1 million of them, to be exact.

The career potential for skilled immigrants and refugees, has never been greater, but Medina Puskar, Manager, Career Services at Manitoba Start, the leading provider of career development services to newcomers in the province, says new Canadians must still give serious consideration to investing in their knowledge and abilities.

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Manitoba Start’s Medina Puskar believes skilled immigrants and refugees need to invest in continuous improvement and learning to stay competitive in the Canadian job market.

Puskar says to take advantage of the unprecedented career opportunities across the country immigrants and refugees must stay up-to-date with technology and keep skills and qualifications current. Whether you are looking to change careers or advance in your career, continuous learning and developing your sense of curiosity will help you to gain an edge, grow your income and take your career to the next level.

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Puskar believes curiosity is one of the foundational blocks of learning and continuous improvement. It is the desire and need to know more. In the Canadian workplace, continuous learning involves being curious about developments and innovation in your field. It’s being responsive to new challenges and demands on your skill sets. This requires self-motivation, a positive attitude towards learning and dedication even in the face of distractions.

Puskar recommends the following tips to strengthen your practice of continuous learning and growth in your career:

Tip #1: Take advantage of professional development opportunities available through your current workplace or ask your employer if you can take external development courses or programs.

Tip #2: Develop your own learning goals. What are you interested in? What areas can you improve in? What do you want to achieve? What is your time frame for achieving your goals? What actions will you take to complete these goals?

Tip #3: Access informal learning tools and virtual learning modules available via YouTube, webinars, your local public library and other free resources.

Tip #4: Consider formal study opportunities like classroom, hybrid or distance learning through an educational institution. Doing so may require financial planning and resources but can also strengthen your resume, career prospects and income growth potential.

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Tip #5: Stay curious about developments in your industry in Canada. What are the industry trends? What training or skills are required to enter or advance in your field? Does a professional industry association offer ongoing training, professional development or networking opportunities?

Windmill Microlending · Medina Puskar of Manitoba Start talks about what Canadian employers seek in their employees.


Listen as Medina Puskar of Manitoba Start talks about what qualities Canadian employers seek in the individuals they hire, retain and promote.

Tip #6: Mentor others or become a mentee. This can help you build your network, develop your leadership skills or increase your knowledge about the field in which you aspire to work. As a mentor, you can pass on what you know and help others to improve and as a mentee, you can work towards your own career fulfilment.

However you choose to learn, embrace the opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone. Explore fresh ideas and new approaches to your work. Puskar argues you can always learn something new. Curiosity and continuous learning will help you to open new doors in your career and enable you to reach new personal and professional heights in Canada.

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