A COVID-19 update for Windmill supporters and donors

January 5, 2022

As you know, Windmill has always had many healthcare clients working towards careers on the front lines of Canadian hospitals. Currently, 61% of clients are in healthcare professions.  Of those, 150 frontline healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical lab technologists, epidemiologists and others – are on track to complete their qualifications and start working in the next six months.  Dr. Cristina Alzate, a Windmill alumna, reported to us this week from the frontline of the COVID crisis:

“For me, the uncertainty and fear of leaving home everyday and the sadness of not being able to hug my kids once I arrive home are paid back with the rewarding feeling of taking care of others who are suffering.  I’m doing what I am good at. 

I will take this opportunity to show my gratitude to Windmill Microlending for believing in me. Supporting immigrants to become the best version of ourselves, Windmill allowed me to provide an extra set of hands in these times of despair.” 

We are watching our indicators of portfolio health more closely during this pandemic, and our team is working in new ways to support our clients, many of whom rely on the survival jobs that have been devastated in the past few weeks. These include:

  • Compiling and refreshing information on publicly-funded and locally-available supports that our clients can access if they need help
  • Having more of our staff trained and available to support clients who are calling us at unprecedented rates with questions and concerns
  • Allowing clients to take a break from repaying their principal for up to three months if their financial circumstances have taken a dramatic hit
  • Passing on the three recent Bank of Canada interest-rate reductions to our clients, so their loan-interest burden is immediately lower.

During this time of acute stress, and as the Canadian economy heals, the skills of our immigrants will be needed more than ever before. Thank you for helping us empower our clients to play a role in Canada’s recovery.

Please join us for our next Investors’ Call April 27th at 11:00am MST/1:00pm EST. Click here to RSVP.

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