A loan is only part of the key to immigrant career success

June 16, 2022

When you work in the immigrant-serving sector, you know that when skilled immigrants move to Canada, they hope to continue and advance their careers. However, once here, they face a different reality. Many end up working in survival jobs to pay the bills; others are only able to find entry-level employment in their field, resulting in them being underemployed. One thing is clear: they all need support with financial and career planning to succeed.

At Windmill, we not only offer microloans to help internationally-educated professionals continue their careers in Canada, but we also provide additional supports that are designed to give them the boost they need to succeed.

Windmill’s Career Success Coaches support clients in creating their Career Success Plans and detailing related expenses. Since the goal is to use the funds to propel their careers, coaches meet with clients to make sure they have good financial knowledge, their use of credit is adequate, and their monthly budgeting is realistic. Windmill’s support aligns with the client’s objectives, and further coaching helps ensure clients are on the right track.

When immigrants know how to use and manage a microloan to finance their career path, it becomes more of an investment in their future, mainly because the funds come with support intended to empower immigrants, including financial and career planning. If you have a client or student who needs support with financial literacy and a microloan to further their education and increase their ability to achieve better career opportunities, Windmill can help.

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