CEO Message: Your Help Empowers Newcomers to Reach Higher, Faster

August 10, 2022

“I am so glad that I found out about Windmill Microlending. I wish I had known about you sooner.”

This sentiment is repeated frequently in our Google reviews and client success stories. In a recent survey, our clients told us that 70% of them wished they had known about Windmill sooner. It’s not surprising given the impact of our loans and coaching supports, which on average triple our clients’ incomes by the time they repay their loan.

If Windmill could reach immigrants sooner it could have a real impact not only on their lives but also on Canada’s prosperity. If we don’t make use of a person’s skills, we stand to lose them. This could be because they remain stuck in survival jobs or leave Canada to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. A recent poll showed that 30% of newcomers aged 18-34 say they are likely to leave Canada in the next two years. Canada’s aging population and declining fertility rates mean that’s a problem we can’t afford to let happen.

If we can reach our clients sooner, can we encourage more newcomers to stay in Canada and turn this statistic around?

Our goal is to do exactly that, by empowering more clients with microloans and coaching, and by building a community to support them in achieving career success. This month’s newsletter highlights a family in Quebec helping us raise more funds to support more newcomers by launching a matching challenge. We also share how we are enhancing the service we offer our clients, by helping them build a professional network through Windmill’s Community Success Hub.

With your support, we can reach our ambitious goal to convert immigrant potential into prosperity. We can raise enough funds and create enough awareness to support all newcomers in need of a loan. When our founder, Dr. Maria Eriksen, was asked how many immigrants we want to serve, she said, without hesitation, “all of them.”


Claudia Hepburn, CEO

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