Collaboration is at the heart of our innovation with Referral Partners

January 17, 2022

Newcomers face unique and significant challenges and often don’t know where to find the information they need. Collaboration between Windmill and our referral partners is essential for developing innovative approaches to support skilled immigrants in achieving career success in Canada. 

As we reflect on the past year, we want to highlight some of the new partnerships we’ve developed with organizations that share our passion for immigrant career success. 

In 2021, following a successful pilot, we rolled out a first-of-its-kind program between a Canadian multinational bank and a not-for-profit organization. Recognizing their challenge in awarding loans to new immigrants with no credit history, CIBC created a program tailored to internationally-trained dentists that directs them to Windmill to acquire an initial loan to establish themselves in a licensing program. Once they pass their initial requirements and repay the loan, they have an established credit rating allowing them to apply to CIBC for additional accreditation expense requirements. CIBC also identified Windmill’s unique client success coaching, mentorship, and career success resources as highly valued aspects of the relationship that empower newcomer dentists forward in their accreditation journey and successful licensing process. 

Following their transformational financial commitment to Windmill early last year, through their ScotiaRISE program, Scotiabank saw firsthand the value Windmill could provide to their relationships with skilled immigrants by helping them establish their careers and economic well-being. This insight prompted Scotiabank and Windmill to develop a process that supports front-line staff to refer newcomers, who are not eligible for mainstream credit to Windmill for a loan to pay for the education, training, and professional development they require. By positioning their client needs first, Scotiabank demonstrates a long-term approach to their relationships.  

A shortage of pharmacists across Canada and an understanding of the challenges internationally-educated pharmacists face drove the formation of a new partnership model with Loblaw. Loblaw was looking for a way to support its newcomer employees and partner with Windmill to make our information and customized Loblaw messaging available to their staff. With Windmill’s help, internationally-educated pharmacists working at Loblaw can achieve their goal of practicing as pharmacists in Canada by pursuing their licenses, while Loblaw can retain valued employees in their organization. 

At Windmill, we are excited by these new opportunities provided to skilled immigrants. These innovative partnerships have created greater awareness and participation in our empowering loan programs. We are committed to continued innovation and ensuring that every partner’s business benefits from our collaborative approach. 

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