In support of diversity and newcomer engagement in law firms in Canada

October 4, 2021

When Carsten Jensen, Windmill’s Board Chair, served as President of the Law Society of Alberta, the governing body for lawyers in the province, he was exposed to the challenges faced by internationally-educated lawyers in getting licensed and often having to start from scratch to practice law in Canada. Moreover, when Windmill’s Board Chair became the Law Society’s representative to the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, he recognized the shortage of lawyers across Canada.

These challenges were the impetus for Windmill to connect with the Foreign-Trained Lawyers Program (FTLP) at the University of Calgary, a one-year post-bachelor’s certificate that helps internationally-trained lawyers complete the educational requirements they need to become accredited lawyers in Canada.

Getting foreign credentials recognize to practice law in Canada is a very expensive investment. To help alleviate this financial burden, skilled immigrants who have been accepted into the FTLP and require additional funding will be referred to Windmill.

By working together, Windmill and the FTLP will support internationally-educated lawyers integrate into Canada’s legal services market successfully.

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