Introducing Windmill Microlending

October 5, 2021

Let me proudly introduce you to Windmill Microlending, formerly known as Immigrant Access Fund Canada.

As IAF Canada we have lent over $22M to more than 4,000 skilled immigrants across the country. Our clients have restarted their professional careers, increased their incomes, and enhanced Canada with their skills and experience. We’ve had excellent outcomes and we’re proud of them.

All of which may lead you to wonder why we’ve changed our name.

The short answer is, we want to grow. We want to take our successful model and expand it – not just a little, but by a factor of ten. We believe many more skilled immigrants could benefit from what we offer. By supporting 10x more clients, we believe we can deliver even greater benefit for the country as a whole.

Our goal was to create a name and brand that appeals and attracts. We wanted to be clearer about the service we offer, and we wanted to stand out in the immigrant-serving sector. We wanted to position ourselves as modern, credible and dynamic.

But the real key to understanding our new name lies in the tagline – “Converting Potential into Prosperity.” Our clients come to Canada with impressive experience, education and skills. Our microloans are a tool to convert these hard-won resources into successful careers in Canada, much like a windmill converts wind into power.

Across cultures, windmills symbolize hard work, resilience, momentum and an instrument to turn obstacles into opportunities, making it a worthy symbol for the journey our clients take as they settle in Canada.

Our fresh, green colour represents optimism and positivity. It represents our confidence about our clients’ prospects in Canada, and it reflects our belief that economic integration of immigrants is key to Canada’s prosperity, now and in the future.

Our new name is a springboard to launch us into the future, one in which every newcomer has the opportunity to reach their economic potential. We look forward to showing you more.


Claudia Hepburn,
Chief Executive Officer
Windmill Microlending

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