Meet Merette Mathieu, Windmill’s Outreach Manager in Québec

June 16, 2022

Merette joined Windmill’s new Montréal office in April of 2019 and has since been building key relationships in the province.

Merette Mathieu, Outreach Manager, joined Windmill Microlending’s new Montréal office in April 2019. Since then, she has been establishing relationships with a variety of organizations serving newcomers to pave the way to support skilled immigrants and refugees in Québec.  

Merette has a strong interest in a broad range of topics across the non-profit sector. She advocates for, and leads, transformative grassroots initiatives focused on issues affecting refugees and migrants, women, Indigenous peoples, and youth within several organizations. She currently serves on the Youth Advisory Group for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 

Before joining Windmill, Merette held significant roles in project development with the International Bureau for Children’s Rights, where she assisted in the management of their Volunteer Cooperation Program. Most recently, she has led essential report-writing activities at the NewCities Foundation for the City of Montréal. Merette holds a degree in Political Science and Communications from McGill University. 

“I am honoured and grateful to contribute to Windmill’s efforts in establishing a presence in Québec and giving immigrants and refugees the opportunity to convert their potential into prosperity. It is truly an incredible feeling to take an active part in making the Windmill turn”. 

Connect with Merette: /
1-855-423-2262 ext. 701

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