Supporting newcomers and partners at the heart of Windmill’s virtual Career Success and Planning Centre

May 3, 2022

A big part of our client success strategy is holistically supporting the career journeys of skilled immigrants and refugees, and going beyond simply offering them an affordable loan. Our low-interest loans do offer the financial support our newcomer clients need but as our partners can appreciate, our clients need other kinds of support, as well.

From our one-to-one client success coaching, to financial literacy training and mentorship, we serve our clients in diverse and powerful ways to help them unlock their full potential in Canada. At the same time, we strive to highlight and refer our clients to the outstanding supports and resources offered by our partners, across the country.

This is why we launched our new virtual Career Success and Planning Centre to empower newcomers and highlight the work of our settlement sector partners.

The Centre is online digital resource to help skilled immigrants and refugees on their path towards reaching their career goals in Canada. It is designed, with them in mind, to be user friendly and accessible. Many of the resources found in the Centre link directly to many of your organizations including a province and region-specific settlement directory found in our Trending Jobs Report, reflecting supports available in every part of Canada.


In one web-based hub, we’ve co-located several of our downloadable resources, which are available in English and French.

These include:

Skilled Immigrant Career Success Guide – A roadmap for success with job search tips, financial planning advice, communications skills and more.

Trending Jobs Report – A province-by-province look at the in-demand jobs in every part of Canada. This is also where you can find the directory of settlement sector and partner organizations.

Educational Pathways for Newcomers –  Step-by-step summaries of the accreditation and licensing requirements for a number of regulated and non-regulated professions. This includes direct links to relevant accreditation partners.

The hub also contains our Windmill blog featuring posts on accreditation, networking, interview, financial planning, career development and change as well as mentorship.

Our goal in launching the Centre was to make finding these helpful tools as easy as possible for newcomers and partners. Ultimately, we think these resources can complement the information and services many of our partners provide.  

We welcome you sharing these resources through your digital and social media channels and pointing your clients to them. We will continue to do the same and champion our great partners to Windmill clients while drawing attention to your diverse and helpful resources.

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