Windmill Microlending now supporting upskilling and retraining

June 1, 2022

Windmill Microlending has made changes to its policies in order to help even more immigrants and refugees achieve their professional goals. While Windmill has always supported clients who need credentials to re-enter their careers, the organization can now lend to newcomers who are seeking upskilling and retraining in order to enhance their careers.

“We know that getting a job in Canada is only a first step,” said Paula Calderon, National Director of Client Success at Windmill. “They also must be competitive, and stay competitive, in order to have the career success they want.”

The recent policy changes also mean that clients who have already borrowed from Windmill, and have successfully repaid, can now borrow an additional loan of up to $15,000. This change recognizes the increasing costs for clients related to gaining accreditation, as well as the need to stay competitive once they find work.

Windmill has made other recent changes to address two key barriers to stability and professional success for newcomers, namely poor financial literacy (i.e. a lack of knowledge about Canada’s financial system) and a lack of professional contacts. To address these issues, Windmill has embedded online financial literacy training into the loan process, and it has launched a platform for current clients to be mentored by former clients.

Visit Windmill’s online mentoring platform here.

About Windmill Microlending
Windmill Microlending is Canada’s largest and most successful microlending charity for skilled immigrants and refugees. Windmill converts potential into prosperity by offering low-interest loans to help skilled newcomers obtain the credentials they need to restart their careers in Canada. Windmill has offices in Toronto, Calgary, Montréal, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vancouver, and serves clients across the country. Windmill Microlending is a registered charity supported by donors, government, sponsors and granting agencies.

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