Windmill’s client-centred approach

October 4, 2021

At Windmill, we put our clients at the centre of what we do. Each person has unique needs, so we offer personalized support to help them achieve their career goals and succeed in Canada. Coaching, mentorship and financial literacy training are some of the things we provide to clients to help them reach their career potential.

From Operations and Development to Client Success, the whole organization is focused on our clients. We listen, understand and respond to their needs.

During the past year, knowing that our clients were under financial stress and uncertainty due to the pandemic, Windmill reached out to support them. We introduced measures such as a reprieve from principal payments if needed, an interest rate reduction for variable-rate loans, and the possibility of deferring payments on loan principal for up to three months and making interest-only payments during this time.

An organization like Windmill that puts its clients first, it’s oriented towards serving their needs. We constantly measure their satisfaction to find better ways to support skilled immigrants and add more to our client success offering and enhance their experience. The results couldn’t be better for our clients and us.

Our client satisfaction ratings, repayment rate and income increases have all remained high throughout the pandemic year. Our Net Promoter Score is 92, meaning that nearly all our clients would recommend Windmill to a friend or family member. Our repayment rate has stayed over 98%, and our clients’ incomes are still increasing by 3.3 times on average by the time their loan is repaid.

At Windmill, caring staff, client support, clear communication and dynamic solutions are key pillars in our client-centred approach. Enhancing our client experiences translates into a significant impact on outcomes for them and their families and also means fantastic results for our organization.

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