Windmill and Scotiabank: A transformational partnership

Empowering skilled newcomers to succeed professionally

We offer 6.7% low-interest loans to help you continue your career in Canada.

About Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending is a Canadian non-profit offering low-interest career loans to help newcomers pay for the education they need to succeed in Canada. Since 2005, Windmill has supported over 11,000 immigrants and refugees to overcome underemployment and succeed in their careers.

We partner with institutions to help their members cover costs of tuition, accreditation, relocation and living costs. Our affordable loans are designed to meet the unique needs of immigrant clients, who often cannot access mainline credit, by providing a fixed interest rate that is lower than other financing options.

It’s not easy to continue your career in Canada as an internationally-educated professional.

We are glad you have taken the first step to achieve the career you want!

Scotiabank realizes that restarting your career in Canada is challenging. This is why they work with organizations like Windmill, who focus exclusively on helping skilled immigrants achieve career success. Along with removing financial barriers, Windmill Microlending and Scotiabank want to ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to continue your career in Canada. We can help you afford the related costs of assessment, training, licensing exams, supplies and even a living allowance during a period of study.

Victor, a Windmill client, describes how a loan from Windmill transformed his life in Canada

What makes a Windmill loan unique?

Our loans offer two years of interest-only payments and up to three years of
principal + interest payments depending on the length of your career plan.

Loans up to $15,000

Fixed low-interest rate
as low as 6.7%

Zero loan processing fees

Success coaching support and mentorship program

More than just a loan

As a Windmill client, you benefit from a range of services, including:

One-on-one coaching to support you on your career path

Career and educational resource supports

Financial planning and budgeting tools

The Windmill Mentorship Program

Exclusive access to our Community Success Hub

Our impact on our clients

Over 3x

Growth in income

Newcomers take on low-income jobs to survive. Windmill helps our clients return to their trained profession to boost their income by over 3 times.


Historical repayment rate

Our affordable loans and repayment structure support clients like you. The impressive rate of repayment showcases our client's determination and the impact of their success.


Decrease in unemployment

As our borrowers take their next steps, employment opportunities soar upon loan repayment, marking the start of a remarkable journey and booming economy.

With ten years into a successful nursing career in India, Trupti decided to move to Canada in 2012. She was looking for a better future for her family and the opportunity to advance in her profession. However, Trupti soon realized that she couldn’t find a job as a nurse without a Canadian license. After finishing the process with the College of Nurses of Ontario, Trupti got her RPN eligibility. But to receive her designation, she needed to complete additional courses and practical hours. A Windmill loan helped Trupti cover the cost of courses and textbooks, and in 2016, after completing 14 courses and 400 practical hours, she received her RPN license. “I couldn’t afford to pay for my courses. Windmill offered me the support I needed and helped me organize my career goals.”