Beauty doesn’t rinse off, and neither does doing good

January 31, 2022

When a corporation commits to strengthening relationships with its employees, customers and communities, it can achieve a lasting impact beyond delivering a great product. 

DECIEM recently donated $50,000 in loan capital to Windmill Microlending, establishing the DECIEM Named Loan Fund. The company’s contribution will provide microloans to support internationally-trained immigrants and refugees living in Ontario.

Named Loan Funds are one way Windmill donors change lives by supporting our clients’ journey towards professional success. On average, donations of loan capital are loaned out, returned and re-loaned to another newcomer every 3.3 years. The donors to these funds receive an annual report sharing information and updates about the progress made by the clients who personally benefited from the donated loan capital. Contributions from corporations make up an increasingly significant proportion of Windmill donated loan capital and operational support.

DECIEM, recognized by many as “The Abnormal Beauty Company,” is well known for its science-based approach and sensibly-priced products. The company, born and raised in Toronto, is rapidly expanding across the globe. The potential for impact that comes with such growth is not lost to them – in fact, it’s a focus of their strategy aptly named “growth to power good.” Doing good is not just about giving back at DECIEM; it’s about incorporating change for the better. In 2020, they established the Good Fund, which focuses on supporting people, the earth and animals.

Jacquelyn Kankam, Director of Sustainability and Social Impact at DECIEM, has had the chance to work directly with the charities and partners that are beneficiaries of the Good Fund. When she learned about Windmill and our efforts to convert the potential of Canadian newcomers into prosperity, she immediately felt that DECIEM could assist in making a positive social change.

While the financial contribution is essential to Windmill’s ability to provide microloans, DECIEM is offering more. The company is sharing expertise and resources with our clients seeking professions in accounting, project management, IT, supply chain, business, finances and human resources by providing career coaching and mentorship through participation in Windmill’s Mentorship Program. DECIEM also shares information about Windmill loans with their Canadian employees and will generously be covering the interest for those who take advantage of a loan to reskill or upskill.

DECIEM has implemented many initiatives to serve its staff and communities better and positively impact people, the earth and animals. When asked how she’ll know if they’ve achieved their goals, Jacquelyn responded: “The work is never done. When it feels like it’s done, we’ll just move on to trying to solve the next problem. We know that our impacts expand far beyond DECIEM, and we want to be able to say we tried our best and did as much as we could.”

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