Help from Windmill to our refugee clients during COVID-19

October 5, 2021

In the face of great financial stress and uncertainty for our clients, Windmill Microlending is here to support you. We are introducing three immediate measures to help.

  1. If your income has been affected and you will have trouble making your loan payments, we are offering the opportunity to reduce your minimum monthly payments to $10 a month for a period of up to three (3) months. Please contact the Loan Management Team at if you would like to take advantage of this option. 
  2. If you have received approval for a loan from Windmill for a learning plan that has yet to begin, and your program is delayed or postponed, you can delay the disbursement of your loan. That means we can hold on to your approved funds until you are ready to begin your program again and you will not incur interest on those funds before you need them. Please contact your Client Success Coach if you are in this situation.  
  3. Our Client Success Coaches are here to help you during this time. Our coaches regularly help clients make good decisions about their learning plans, refer clients to useful supports in the community, and offer information and education about managing finances. Our coaches are now staying current on the various financial relief options being made available across the country so that we can advise you. If you’d like to speak to one of our coaches to talk about your situation, please contact

At a time when all Canadians are worried about their health, their family and their finances, we know that refugees who are underemployed and/or working in sectors facing layoffs are particularly vulnerable. As always, or primary goal is your success. We continue to offer support to help you through this difficult time. Don’t lose hope about your learning plans or your career goals – Canada needs your skills and experience more than ever.  

To our many clients working in the healthcare sector, we know these coming weeks will be very difficult as you work long hours to protect Canadians and keep our healthcare system running. We thank you, and we’re here for you.  

DISCLAIMER: Windmill’s Refugee Loan Program is no longer available.

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