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June 16, 2022

The job landscape in every part of Canada — and across the globe, is constantly changing. For immigrants, this presents an additional challenge. 

Although a Labour Force Survey - September 2021 from Statistics Canada indicates that employment increased in six provinces, the Canadian labour market still faces many challenges, including the fact that a number of industries haven’t fully resumed their activities, long-term unemployed people are still trying to find a job, and employers and workers are adapting to proof-of-vaccination initiatives.   

Employment levels among new Canadians continue to be lower than their Canadian-born counterparts. Therefore, it’s essential to recognize that many newcomers face increasing challenges in finding meaningful employment. 

The reality is that Canada needs skilled immigrants to fill vacancies that require a wide range of education and skill levels. It’s vital to support them to contribute to the economy, their communities and a more diverse society. 

While no one can predict what the future holds, Windmill Microlending decided to go a step further in its support to immigrants. We want to empower new Canadians with the knowledge they can use to plan their careers, and we created Windmill’s Trending Jobs Report using recent labour market data. 

Because industry change is constant and awareness of growing job opportunities can alter the course of someone’s career and life, this province-by-province report is a resource to help newcomers on their journey to achieve career success and find a career path full of growth and opportunities. 

Inside the report, skilled immigrants will find information on: 

  • Trending career opportunities 
  • Career pathways information 
  • Job search and networking advice 
  • Localized and industry-specific data and more 

We hope the report helps immigrants better understand how the job landscape in each province is changing and navigate the uncertainty of the future with confidence.

We encourage you to share the Trending Jobs Report with your clients and students.  

You can access the Report here

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