Introducing Our National Campaign

June 25, 2024

The journey of immigrants to Canada is one of hope. However, the reality is that thousands of internationally trained professionals come to Canada, only to get stuck in a survival job. Many Canadians would be surprised to learn this situation befalls highly educated doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants and many other experts in their fields.

That’s the issue we’re spotlighting across Canada in our ambitious new campaign, which will appear in major markets during 2024, appealing to the hearts and minds of Canadians experiencing the effects of acute labour shortages in healthcare and other sectors. Seen in print, digital, radio and on the streets of Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, it will raise awareness of how when Windmill empowers skilled immigrants, it's a win-win – newcomers thrive, and Canadians get access to the care and services they need.

To drive home this message, we’ve chosen to focus our campaign on the relationship between a parent and their child. The child asks, ‘‘Daddy/Mommy, when will you be a doctor again?” This simple question poignantly illustrates how underemployment affects the whole family.  

Linda Luu, Windmill’s National Director of Client Success and Marketing is the daughter of refugees who came to Canada in search of a better life. She reflects, “This campaign is deeply personal. When my parents arrived in Canada many years ago, they faced immense challenges. But their struggles paved the way for my success. Supporting newcomers isn’t just about helping individuals. It’s about investing in families and future generations of Canadians.”

We’re so excited to see the campaign go live and share our call to action: when we empower immigrants, we empower Canada.

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