Meet Musenga Simwawa, Windmill’s Client Success Coach

October 5, 2021

Musenga Simwawa, Client Success Coach, joined Windmill Microlending in May 2012. His journey with the organization started in Saskatchewan. However, when the opportunity to support clients in a different province presented itself, Musenga didn’t think twice. In May 2016, he moved with his family to the recently opened office in Toronto. Then, in August 2019, Musenga decided to relocate again, this time to the Calgary office.

Through his years working at Windmill, Musenga has continued to be an indispensable part of the Client Success team. His work has involved supporting clients in navigating their journeys to employability and financial empowerment across Canada.

Musenga immigrated to Canada in 2010. He has a background in accounting, community-based microfinance and business management. Now, Musenga is completing a Bachelor of Management at Athabasca University in Alberta. He has also been involved in community initiatives at a church level as a worship leader and music minister. Musenga is a board member of the Co-operative ESL in Calgary. This non-profit organization works with churches to teach ESL to newcomers in Calgary and its surrounding area.

Musenga enjoys meeting people from all over the world, and helping them succeed in Canada has been his greatest joy since joining Windmill.

“Most of our clients come to Windmill with fears and uncertainties about their careers in Canada, and I am always filled with joy when I see their faces shine again and that they have found their footing, just because their burden has been made a little less burdensome thanks to Windmill.”

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