Meet Shawn McCarty, Windmill’s Manager, Key Partnerships

June 16, 2022



As Manager, Key Partnerships for Windmill Microlending, Shawn McCarty heads a national effort to build an accessible network of service providers and educators helping skilled immigrants achieve career success in Canada. 

Shawn holds a Master of Arts from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University. He has spent years observing the impact and outcomes of microlending on newcomer professionals.  

Before joining Windmill in the summer of 2006 as the first Community Relations Specialist east of the prairies and one of the first hires in their recently opened Toronto office, Shawn was active in the arts and heritage sector, designing educational programs and digital exhibitions. 

In 2018, Shawn transitioned into a new role: Manager, Key Partnerships. He heads up a new national team of outreach specialists. 

Shawn’s passions are education, relationship building, public speaking and launching new and unique projects and initiatives. All of which he gets to pursue without limit at Windmill. 

For Shawn, without a doubt, the most satisfying aspect of his job is building relationships. “Through this role, I have connected with people from all corners of the globe. I love learning about people’s culture, heritage, and perspectives. Through Windmill, I meet the most fascinating, passionate and brilliant people! The time spent conversing with them is something I will never forget. The fact that we get to, hopefully, help in people’s careers and lives is the icing on the cake.” 

“Windmill is an organization of true believers. I am always impressed by the passion, drive and utter lack of cynicism from the Windmill team. The best part of my job is solving problems and puzzles with smart, creative people. I’m proud to work at an organization with a charitable mission but also one that achieves it through practical, tangible supports. In a world where ‘loan’ so often comes with unsavoury implications, it’s very satisfying to work to offer an ethical, charitable option for people in need.” 

Connect with Shawn:
1-855-423-2262 ext. 403

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