Windmill to collaborate with other organizations to support Afghan refugees

June 16, 2022

After seeing the recent events unfolding in Afghanistan and having staff and clients with family and loved ones there, Windmill wanted to find a way to work with local agencies in supporting Afghan refugees arriving in Canada. We took action and became a founding partner of Lifeline Afghanistan.

Lifeline Afghanistan is a network of organizations and individuals focused on engaging Canadians to advance opportunities and support for Afghan refugees.

Lifeline Afghanistan’s mission is to build a non-partisan network that will:

  1. Build awareness and engagement of civil society in the sponsorship of Afghan refugees.
  2. Curate resources and connect to organizations supporting Afghan refugees through humanitarian relief, advocacy, settlement, service provision, research, etc.
  3. Work with Sponsorship Agreement Holders and others to engage Canadians in private sponsorship and provide practical support to facilitate the process.
  4. Support skills assessment and trauma-informed approaches to skills development and work with employers and service providers to create economic and social inclusion pathways.
  5. Promote evidence-based, innovative and collaborative approaches to supporting refugees.

Immigrants and refugees have helped build Canada and made our communities more robust and diverse. However, they have to overcome many different challenges in the process, including culture shock, language and financial barriers, isolation, unemployment and underemployment.

“At Windmill, we work with immigrants and refugees and understand the importance of supporting them during the settlement journey, a process that’s even more challenging for refugees. With this in mind, we knew we needed to be part of Lifeline Afghanistan and are committed to helping Afghans build a better life in Canada. We’re thrilled to be part of this critical initiative,” says Paula Calderon, Windmill’s National Director, Client Success.

We encourage you to learn more about Lifeline Afghanistan or join their efforts. Please visit their website.

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