Helping immigrants with early childhood educator training and credentials in Canada

Across the country, career opportunities for early childhood educators (ECEs) are growing. Government of Canada labour market data indicate in the coming years, demand for ECEs in most provinces and territories will be strong. 

What makes a Windmill loan unique?

Our loans offer two years of interest-only payments and up to three years of
principal + interest payments depending on the length of your career plan.

Loans up to $15,000

Fixed low-interest rate
as low as 6.7%

Zero loan processing fees

Success coaching support and mentorship program

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More than just a loan

As a Windmill client, you benefit from a range of services, at no additional cost!

One-on-one coaching to support you on your career path

Career and educational resource supports

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How to become an early childhood educator (ECE) in Canada with an affordable loan from Windmill Microlending

Registered child care facilities usually require their employees become licensed by a provincial or territorial association.

Windmill Microlending can provide the financial support you need to pay for the costs of your ECE training program in Canada, including ECE online learning courses.

How Windmill Microlending can help you achieve your Canadian ECE career goals

Windmill is a national charity providing low-interest career loans of up to $15,000. A Windmill microloan can help you pay for the costs of education, training, re-certification, bridge programs, qualifying exams, exam preparation courses and the Canadian early childhood education (ECE) licensing process.

Our impact on our clients

Over 3x

Growth in income

Newcomers take on low-income jobs to survive. Windmill helps our clients return to their trained profession to boost their income by over 3 times.


Historical repayment rate

Our affordable loans and repayment structure support clients like you. The impressive rate of repayment showcases our client's determination and the impact of their success.


Decrease in unemployment

As our borrowers take their next steps, employment opportunities soar upon loan repayment, marking the start of a remarkable journey and booming economy.

Map your pathway to becoming an early childhood educator

Your education level and certification can help increase your salary and earning potential as an early childhood educator (ECE) in Canada. Completion of a two, three, or four-year college program in early childhood education or a bachelor’s degree in child development enables you to advance your career to different levels. Registered child care facilities usually require their employees become licensed by a provincial or territorial association. Download an education pathway today.

Here are some of the clients who benefited from a Windmill loan

Winifred echoes what many new immigrants to Canada experience: “The hardest part is getting yourself settled into a job that is appropriate for you, your skills—and that is to your satisfaction.”

Born and educated in Guyana, Winifred was an educator for more than 20 years before immigrating to Canada in April 2012. A loan from Windmill Microlending helped Winifred pay for the costs to complete a six-month diploma program while she worked part-time. After her studies, Winifred chose to bring her skills and passion to her role as an Early Childhood Program Facilitator.



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