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We believe a loan alone is not enough to help skilled immigrants achieve career success, which is why we offer our clients additional resources.

Career Success and Planning,Financial Planning,Mentorship

June 21, 2022

At Windmill, we believe a loan alone is not enough to help skilled immigrants and refugees achieve their career advancement goals, which is why we offer our clients financial literacy training, access to a Mentorship Program, online digital resources and coaching.

We provide coaching to all of our clients. It is a great tool that positively impacts newcomers’ cultural integration, settlement and career development in Canada. Working with their clients, Windmill's client success coaches develop an understanding of their circumstances and provide custom supports, including career success planning, career path guidance and referrals.

Clients have told us they find it helpful talking to a coach who understands their journey and can provide career guidance. Our coaches are immigrants themselves or come from immigrant families, which helps them understand the clients’ challenges. Additionally, coaches work with many different clients, which exposes them to a variety of experiences. They apply those learnings when working with their clients.

During the coaching sessions, clients’ career paths and needs are assessed, and together with the client, an action plan is devised for follow-up. Coaches and clients discuss how to find in-demand jobs and employment opportunities, the importance of mentorship, cultural integration, financial wellness and anything in between – from how their mental health to how credit works in Canada to the labour market in a specific province.

When coaches identify the need for further support, they refer clients to partner organizations for financial planning resources, resume example writing, language training, interview skills, study groups or even mental health services. They do whatever it takes to ensure our clients achieve career success in Canada.

“Clients realize that their coach has their success at heart and can express themselves openly and freely. We continuously work together for the clients to achieve their dream careers and get the jobs they want in Canada,” says Joyce Wan, a Windmill Client Success Coach.

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