“Love with Humanity” founder named first-ever winner of Windmill Microlending Empowerment Award

Syed Hassan is the first-ever winner of the Windmill Microlending Empowerment Award for his inspiring efforts to support newcomers and other disadvantaged individuals in Calgary, and across Canada.

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August 17, 2023

Syed Hassan, founder of Love with Humanity Association, receives the Windmill Microlending Empowerment Award in Toronto on Aug. 3, 2023. 

Syed Hassan immigrated to Canada from Pakistan in 2009, and like many newcomers, faced challenges when he first arrived in his new country. 

It was the challenges he and his family experienced that inspired him to help other immigrants and refugees to this country. 

Hassan’s tireless devotion to empowering his community has earned him the inaugural Windmill Microlending Empowerment Award

A simple act of kindness 

It began with a simple community project to create a free and accessible outdoor community library serving diverse community members, in Calgary, the city he and has family now call home. The library project was so popular, they expanded it to communities across Canada. 

In 2018, Hassan launched the non-profit Love with Humanity Association, an organization devoted to more community-focused projects designed to empower immigrants and other disadvantaged groups. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Love with Humanity Association began multi-faceted campaigns including programs in which they supported seniors experiencing isolation, provided meals to those experiencing food insecurity, and offering resources to immigrants facing barriers in Canada.   

As well, throughout the pandemic, Love with Humanity served 3,000 meals, created self-serve community food and clothing pantries, and helped facilitate free tax filing services for low-income individuals. 

Syed Hassan talks about the work being done by Love with Humanity Association in Calgary. 

Today, the Association continues to offer valuable programming, in Calgary, such as its free fresh-fruit and produce community distribution events for low-income families, launched in response to rising inflation and high food prices. The initiative enables families experiencing financial distress to access healthy food options, and has been celebrated by local community members. 

“When we came to Canada we faced challenges and we decided to help others who might have the same situation,” says Hassan. “Canada is a land of opportunity. Be positive and help make Canada one of the best places for everyone.” 

Windmill Microlending Empowerment Award 

For the 15th anniversary year of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards presented by Canadian Immigrant magazine, Windmill Microlending partnered with Canadian Immigrant to create “The Windmill Microlending Empowerment Award”. The award recognizes individuals who are working above and beyond to empower and support the successful journeys of immigrants and refugees to Canada. This work can be in the capacity of an employment, entrepreneurial or volunteer initiative. 

This award ran in conjunction with the Top 25 awards but with different eligibility requirements, and a separate nomination and selection process. The award winners were announced in August 2023. 

All the winners are now being featured online at canadianimmigrant.ca/top25 and in the August print edition of Canadian Immigrant magazine. 

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