The actuary and the data scientist: a mentor match that went beyond the numbers

Knowing how she benefited from having a mentor, Betty-Jo wanted to reciprocate and help empower and encourage others to reach their career goals.


December 24, 2021

With more than 25 years of professional experience as an actuary, Betty-Jo has been fortunate to count on the support of mentors throughout her career.

Knowing how she benefited from having a mentor, Betty-Jo wanted to reciprocate and help empower and encourage others to reach their career goals.

When Betty-Jo started a new job at Intact, a national insurance company, she wasted no time finding out if they had any social impact programs. She was presented with a few options, and Windmill’s Mentorship Program stood out to her.


“I chose to volunteer with Windmill because the organization supports new Canadians, and they need more support to succeed in Canada. So, if I could help somebody a little bit, that would make me happy.”

Betty-Jo joined Windmill’s Mentorship Program at the end of 2020 as a mentor and was matched with Daniel, a skilled immigrant from Brazil interested in working in data science. When they started working together, he was taking a course and looking for work that matched his skills.

During their meetings, they looked at places Daniel wanted to work at and the ideal fit for him. When Daniel landed a contract position, Betty-Jo shared tips on soft skills and how to approach and interact with his colleagues.

Betty-Jo and Daniel worked together for six months, and before their time was up, she shared a lead for a job at Intact and encouraged him to apply. He got an interview, but the process didn’t move forward because he got a full-time offer at the company he was working at.

One of Betty-Jo’s greatest satisfaction in working with Daniel was witnessing his excitement at his accomplishments and professional growth. Knowing that he reached his goals and has a full-time job fills her with joy.

Mentors always want their mentees to succeed, and Betty-Jo is no exception. She knows Daniel would have eventually accomplished his goals, but her suggestions and guidance helped him reach those goals faster and with fewer challenges.

“Betty-Jo was an excellent mentor. She helped me identify areas to explore, understand the Canadian business market and the soft skills expected from an employee. She also connected me with people for networking opportunities, which opened some doors at Intact and helped me develop my current job. She created a relationship that made both feel comfortable in giving and receiving feedback. She pushed me to get the best from me. I will always be grateful for her kindness in helping motivate me to achieve my goals,” indicates Daniel.

For her contributions to the Mentorship Program, especially to her mentee, we want to recognize Betty-Jo as Windmill’s Mentor of the Month.

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