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August 16, 2023

Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants from around the globe. For many Canadian immigrants, getting citizenship is a priority and a privilege. They recognize the many benefits that being a Canadian citizen offers, such as the right to vote, excellent healthcare and the freedom to travel with a Canadian passport. In this blog, we’ll share the eligibility requirements for Canadian citizenship, what the Canadian citizenship test involves and how much it costs to become a Canadian citizen. 

Who can become a Canadian citizen? 

Permanent residents of Canada have the option of becoming Canadian citizens if they meet certain criteria. In addition to having permanent status in Canada, applicants must have lived in Canada for at least 3 out of the last 5 years. They will also need to provide up-to-date taxes, prove their language abilities and complete a Canadian citizenship test. If they pass all of the above criteria and have not been involved in any criminal activity either inside or outside of Canada, they will be able to send an application to the IRCC for Canadian citizenship. 

What is the Canadian citizenship test? 

The Canadian citizenship test evaluates an applicant’s knowledge of Canadian history, laws, rights and responsibilities. It typically includes 20 multiple-choice questions and 15 of those questions must be right in order to pass the test. The test can be taken in either English or French. There may be some questions about an applicant’s province or territory of residence so it is important to study material related to that. The purpose of the test is to ensure that all new citizens have a basic understanding of Canadian values and laws. The Canadian citizenship test is normally written but it can also be done orally. 

How to practice for the Canadian citizenship test 

The Canadian citizenship test is actually based on the IRCC’s official study guide – Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. This is a free guide that is available in many formats, including PDF and MP3. After studying this guide, applicants can practice for the Canadian citizenship test for free here. There are many websites and YouTube videos that provide useful tips to help an applicant prepare for the Canadian citizenship test. It is recommended to do a few practice tests before doing the real version.  

After passing the test, an interview will be set up with a citizenship official. This interview will give an applicant the results of their test and ask them to verify their application and original documents. If the interview is a success, the IRCC may give an applicant a ceremony date and time. Taking an oath of citizenship at a citizenship ceremony is the final step to becoming a Canadian citizen. These ceremonies take place all over the country and are all year round.   

What does it cost to become a Canadian citizen? 

An application for Canadian citizenship can be completed online or on paper. The fees are $630 for an adult and $100 for a child. A receipt of payment must be included in the application and if any information is missing from a Canadian citizenship application, it will be returned. Once the application is complete, the IRCC will issue a confirmation letter to the applicant before processing the application. On average, it takes about 18 months for a complete application to be processed.  

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