What Windmill’s newcomer clients love about life in Canada

We asked three Windmill clients what they loved about their lives in Canada and here’s what they told us.

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June 30, 2023

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In summary:

  • Many newcomer clients come to Windmill experiencing financial stress and anxiety.

  • Windmill helps them relieve that stress by offering low-interest loans to pay for the accreditation, education or professional development they need to achieve career success in Canada.

  • With that stress relieved, Windmill clients can appreciate all Canada has to offer - its diversity, unique and beautiful geography, and genuinely kind and helpful people.

Just before they become Windmill clients, skilled immigrants or refugees are often experiencing financial pressures, anxiety or feelings of uncertainty about their careers and lives. Receiving financial support from Windmill to pay for the costs of accreditation, education, training or professional development courses, can bring them a measure of relief and calm.

As they complete their studies, pay off their low-interest Windmill loan and begin to achieve their career advancement goals, they move from focusing on their survival and settlement in Canada to appreciating all the country has to offer.

We asked Windmill clients what they loved about their lives in Canada and here’s what they told us.

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Software Developer
Originally from Iran

Simon says he loves the diversity of Canada and that it’s difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Simon adds he’s never felt like an outsider in this country even in the face of language barriers. He is proud to be able to raise his daughter who was born in Canada and while he knows some newcomers experience closemindedness and ignorance when they first arrive here, he says that hasn’t been the case for him. Even as a junior IT professional (when he first arrived), Simon believes he’s been treated like a Canadian-born worker. He doesn’t believe that would’ve been the case in other countries.

Originally from Colombia

Alexandra tells us that she and her family love the quiet of small-town Ontario, where they live, and have come to appreciate Canada’s diverse geography as they’ve travelled across the country. While Alexandra comes from a warm-weather country, she also loves the differences between the four seasons found in Canada. An internationally-trained dental professional, Alexandra told us she loved the kindness and politeness Canadians demonstrate through their day-to-day interactions with one another. 

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