Windmill Approves Over $100M in Loans

We are delighted to share that we have approved and disbursed over $100 million in loans. This is a significant milestone for our organization – we’re celebrating every one of our clients who advanced their careers with the help of a Windmill loan.

March 12, 2024

Many newcomers arrive in Canada only to find that their education, skills and experience are not recognized. Our affordable loans have helped over 10,000 immigrants and refugees achieve career success in industries such as healthcare, IT, accounting, engineering and skilled trades.

Our clients’ success boosts Canada’s productivity, by contributing their skills and experience where they are most needed. Labour shortages and an aging population are just two reasons why Canada relies on international talent for economic growth.

Our innovative funding model began in 2005 when Dr. Maria Eriksen noticed that many of the janitorial staff at a hospital where she worked were internationally-trained healthcare professionals. These skilled immigrants faced financial and credential recognition barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential in Canada. Dr. Eriksen, along with five other women, joined forces to raise funds to cover the costs of Canadian accreditation for 6 immigrants. Windmill Microlending was founded (formerly known as Immigrant Access Fund) and the legacy of these incredible six women lives on today.

A Windmill loan has a profound impact on our clients. Elda, a previous Windmill client, needed support to get licensed as a psychotherapist in Canada. Receiving a Windmill loan gave her both financial and mental stability. “Financial security had a huge impact on my mental health. Windmill helped me achieve a stable career and a sustainable lifestyle.”

“Thanks to our donors' generous support, we can offer a fixed and affordable interest rate to newcomers during this challenging time. We are committed to helping our clients utilize their skills and contribute to Canada’s economic success,” says Claudia Hepburn, Windmill’s CEO. We are excited to offer even more loans in 2024 to help immigrants achieve their career goals.

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