Windmill changed everything for Abhisek, so he decided to give back

Within months of his arrival to Canada, Abhisek was frustrated that his diverse experience appeared to be of little value to Canadian employers. Windmill helped change the trajectory of his Canadian career, and that’s when he decided to give back.

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September 13, 2023

Former client, Abhisek Chatterjee, was able to change the trajectory of his Canadian career thanks to support he received from Windmill Microlending. Then, he decided to pay it forward. 

Abhisek Chatterjee wasn’t prepared to accept working in a factory.  

The financial professional and former Windmill Microlending client who immigrated to Canada from India in 2015, was hoping to build a new life and grow his career when he first arrived to his new country.  

“I brought nearly a decade of management work experience from international companies like HSBC and Bank of America. But I quickly learned that my experience meant very little in my new country,” says Abhisek.  

Within months of his arrival, Abhisek was frustrated that his diverse experience appeared to be of little value to Canadian employers. He says he had several difficult conversations with other recent immigrants who told him he should accept working in a factory or another low-skill job.  

“I needed Canadian accreditation but I couldn’t afford it, and as a finance professional, I knew I wouldn’t qualify for a loan or a credit card,” he says.  

Abhisek began to worry he may never be able to return to the career he loved and was trained to work in.  

“I felt lost and helpless as the future I dreamed of was slipping away,” he adds.  

Abhisek learned about Windmill Microlending, and our low-interest loan offering which enabled him to pay for the cost of his Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. Once Canadian employers saw that he was pursuing that credential, he says everything changed for him and his job prospects.  

“My job offer from TD Bank came shortly after I had begun my studies and my future started to be rewritten,” Abhisek says.  

These days, Abhisek says his life in Canada has changed so much from when he first arrived.  

“I feel a strong connection to my community and have a great job that brings stability and security to my life. Finding Windmill was the key to helping me succeed and pursue my dreams.”  

“Windmill changed everything for me,” he says. His Windmill client experience prompted Abhisek to become a donor and he served as a spokesperson for Windmill’s most recent alumni fundraising campaign.  

He says his desire to give back is inspired by the resilience of newcomers to Canada and their perseverance to succeed.  

“There’s no reason we can’t help all newcomers to be successful.” 

The need to support newcomers is growing 

With over 1 million immigrants expected to arrive in Canada in the coming years, the demand for Windmill loans is growing. An affordable loan from us helps skilled immigrants and refugees pay for costs such as accreditation, licensing, training and career development. 

As a charity, Windmill relies on the generosity of our donors. Your support is needed more than ever before. By making a donation, you help us offer essential resources including client success coaching, financial planning, a mentorship program and more. 

Windmill is honoured to be recognized as a five-star charity by the Veritas Foundation, a testament to our commitment to transparency, accountability, and creating a positive impact. Every dollar you give goes directly into the hands of a newcomer to help them achieve career success in Canada.  

You can make a donation to Windmill Microlending, today, click here. 

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