Every newcomer has a story

Meet Drs. Binal Patel and Stephen Akinkunmi, skilled immigrants to Canada whose journeys illustrate the challenges and promise of the Canadian immigration experience. Episode two of Potential Unleashed focuses on immigrant and refugee experiences and the journeys and pathways newcomers must traverse in building their new lives in a new country.


Dr. Binal Patel, Dr. Stephen Akinkunmi, Anne-Marie Pham and Hyder Hassan, among others.

Podcast Date:

Nov 8, 2023

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Unleashing Canada's potential

Both today and in the future, Canada needs immigrants and refugees to reach their full potential in this country. After all, a newcomer’s success is intertwined with Canada’s economic and social success. In episode 3 of Potential Unleashed, we look at the innovative tools, policies and strategies needed to empower immigrants and refugees, and build a more collaborative and responsive immigration system.


Meigan Terry, Arif Khimani, Jennifer Freeman, Oumar Dicko and Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka, among others.


On the road to Canadian prosperity

Canada welcomes hundreds of thousands of the world’s best and brightest immigrants and refugees, every year. But what happens when they arrive here? The first episode of Potential Unleashed focuses on helping listeners understand Canada’s immigration system, including the ways in which immigrants and refugees engage with it in pursuit of their Canadian dreams.


Sean Fraser, Shamira Madhany, Claudia Hepburn and Ka-Hay Law, among others.